This world is ancient. It has been the home of god-kings, a support in the celestial bridge, it has burned with colorless fire, risen from and sunk beneath the Seven Seas, great empires have risen, prospered, decayed, and fallen across the eons that have been witnessed by this world. And yet, even now, in this great Fifth Age There are great tracks of land across this continent that have not been used by civilized peoples since the last great age or the age before or perhaps even as far back as the First Age and the Stone Empires. The peoples of this world seek to conquer these lands, but they are few and sparsely spread across its vastness.

Marsilon, is no exception, it is a vast rugged continent covered by vastlands of mountains and forest, desert and swamp, with arctic ice in the north and steamy jungle in the south. Located in that vastland of western mountains and pine forest is a large crater lake that sits upon the important trade routes of the west. This volcanic lake is a haven of hot springs and the sole site of civilization at the center of the trade routes. Sitting on the very rim of the crater known as Warlock’s Cauldron is a town that survives on three months of trade, thrives because of its despotic Lord Mayor, and does both at the whim of a great volcano, dormant beneath the Cauldron Lake. Welcome, to your new home, Eldwyn’s Ledge.

Participant Information:
This game will be a group creation. This is not going to be a world that I sculpt and develop in a vacuum, a campaign in some untouchable world setting designed by me the DM. I ask each of you to help build this campaign. Your input is as important as mine. Let’s build something together that may start as simply as a list of adventure elements but will end up as a campaign setting.

With that in mind, as a participant in the game I need a few things from you:

  • Create your character and put a copy in the Characters section of this site.
  • Come up with some sort of background for that character. And feel free to develop your own stuff or expand on anything presented by any of the other participants. Let’s try to come up with evocative sounding names whenever possible.
  • I’d like each of us to come up with three to five parts of this campaign, these can be places, NPCs, or themes, whatever suits your fancy. Submit your ideas to the Forum under the Three or Five Ideas topic and we’ll incorporate them into the campaign.
  • Participate. I do not want to be the sole driving force behind this game. Post to the Forum. Add to the Adventure Log. Flesh out or add to things in the Wiki. This is your game, be a part of its development.

Thank you and I look forward to playing in this new world.

Warlock's Cauldron

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