City Watch

The constabulary, or more commonly, the town watch of Eldwyn’s Ledge are informally known as “Ribbons” by the citizenry. This is due to the black and red sashes their members wear across their chests as part of their uniform.

The Town Watch is a law-enforcement institution charged with acting as the policemen of Eldwyn’s Ledge.

The Town Watch of Eldwyn’s Ledge is a score of strong, formally-trained and well-equipped guardsmen under the direct authority of the Lord Mayor. Their salary is paid by the town as a whole and unlike many of the towns other institutions they do not swear fealty to any patron other than the Lord Mayor.

The Town Watch works with and is supposed to support the Town Guard as a defense force in the event that the town is attacked, though a major attack on Eldwyn’s Ledge hasn’t occurred since the reign of the founding mayor. However, their primary function is to police the town’s environs.

The Town Watch promotes by merit, one of the few institutions in Eldwyn’s Ledge not to recognize the status of birth. Its previous leader was Commander Talnos Flynt, a butcher’s son who rose through the ranks. The recent change in leadership has placed, Theorge Valdwin, in the position of Commander.

The leader of the Town Watch is referred to as “Lord Commander” when of noble birth, but simply as “Commander” when not. The Lord Mayor has not placed anyone of noble birth in this position during her reign, for obvious reasons.

All members of the Town Watch are equipped with the same uniform, including an outer chainmail tunic with some minor plate and scale armor in the front. Over this coat of mail they wear their red and black sash of office. They also wear metal wrist, hand, and shin guards. The Town Watch helmet is patterned, covers the top of the head, has a forward brim, and has jointed cheek-pieces. Attached to the helmet is an aventail, as well as a detachable mail veil that covers most of the face when latched to the brim of the helment. The watchmen are commonly seen with either a longsword or a spear. They generally do not utilize shields.

City Watch

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