Hall of Angels

An ancient ruin, rumored to exist but no one has ever confirmed it. The Hall is said to contain many different rooms, possibly a residence.

The text which refers to the Hall Of Angels tells of massively sized art works of incredible beauty and rarity, made from exotic and extremely valuable metals and gems, filling the rooms within. The furniture described are sized for gargantuan beings, at least 60 feet tall.

The only illustrated text of the Hall Of Angels is contained in the so-called Voyn manuscript (named for Voyn Camboraggi, the person who discovered it). The Voyn manuscript is a large book that contains meticulous and detailed illustrations of the works contained in the halls, with a scale showing the size of the works compared to a dwarf, a human and an elephant. No illustrations of the beings themselves are anywhere in the document. The book is currently being curated by the Circle of Angels, though it is rumored they did not always have access to it.

The book also contains writing, but it has never been able to be identified or translated. Some believe it is rambling nonsense, or the scribbling words of madness. The whispers within the Circle Of Angels is that it is angelic script. There is no map or other indicator that shows where the Hall could be.

The only credence to the possible authenticity of the work is that it strongly radiates magic, and any attempt to copy anything in the book in writing, either magic or mundane, fails utterly. The only way to pass on information is verbally, and whispers of why such beings would create such a strong ward around the book run rampant. Adventurers therefore believe in the possibility of existence of such a fabled place, and to discover it (or loot it) would be the greatest treasure ever.

Hall of Angels

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