Laryn Dawnish

Lord Mayor of Eldwyn's Ledge


Laryn Dawnish is a young woman in her early thirties, with fair skin, golden-brown eyes and long, wavy black hair. She has a heart-shaped face and hard eyes, a small nose and a pointed chin. Laryn, is 5’ 8" and has a fit, athletic figure. Her clothes are immaculately tailored and generously embroidered with gold, typically in the colors of her town, black and red, and typically of a military bent. People tend to find her attractive in appearance and cool and disciplined in her manner.


Laryn Dawnish is the Lord Mayor and absolute ruler of Eldwyn’s Ledge. She is the granddaughter and sole heir of the town’s founder and original Lord Mayor, Flanery Eldwyn.

She is an accomplished politician and military leader who is justly supported by both the town’s military garrison and the town’s council of elders. Under her uncompromising leadership the town is a place of law and order. She is known to be harsh in her fairness and unforgiving in her dealings with her enemies.

Laryn Dawnish

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