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  • Talk on the Street #1

    _"Brambron's son is not in a good way. Been bedridden for weeks. Can't shake a fever from a giant rat that bit him. I told him cleaning out that celler was more than a 2 sp job. But he wouldn't listen, thought he'd find something in one of those barrels."_

  • Talk on the Street #2

    _"There seems to have been a bit of a falling out in the Ribbons. Seems that Savilla Wilchack killed Augar Winchell in a duel last night. Don'cha just wonder why?"_

  • Talk on the Street #3

    "The fishing is uncommonly good this year, but old man Creagen said he saw a shark swimming in the cauldron, yesterday."

  • Talk on the Street #4

    _"The caravans have brought the usual riff-raff with them. The guards at the gate had to turn away a couple of weapon toting maniacs just the other day. I heard rumors that they took rooms at the Stumbling Celestial. Makes you long for the winter months."_

  • Talk on the Street #5

    _"The village of Mazama is being plagued by a lost soul. Been spotted outside the tavern each of the last four nights. Everybody agrees that it's the ghost of one of the caravan guards killed there last season. I think it's just the spirit of drink."_

  • Talk on the Street #6

    _"There was some rumblin' in the Cauldron, yesterday." "Do you think we missed that? Everybody felt it!" "O'Course. O'Course. But I was out fishin'." "So?" "Well, part a the pot gave way and revealed a cave."_

  • Talk on the Street #7

    _"Those damn kids. They stole my boat and took it out to Wizards Island. One day, someone is going to get damn-well killed poking around that ruin."_

  • Talk on the Street #8

    _"There's a civil war brewing in the south. Rebel ships, struck from some hidden base won their first victory over the kings forces. Even managed to steal something or another right out from under their forces. But of course the king hunted down the thief …

  • Talk on the Street #9

    _"There have been strange lights flashing between Cloud Cap and Scott Peak over the last few weeks. I say it's the Kalmeth, but Dylan says it looks mystical, to him. But then, that one thinks his farts are magical."_

  • Talk on the Street #10

    _"I was up in the Pumice Desert, three nights past, and saw something fierce. I don't know what it was, but I swear it's truth, built like a cougar it was, but bigger and with tentacles growing out of it's back. Just caught a glimpse of it, but I packed …

  • Talk on the Street #12

    _"Lookie here, you damn fool. If you're going out on that water, you wait a half hour after the sun hits it and you be gone a half hour before it is. I'll not have to explain to your wife that you're an idiot and you went and got yourself killed."_

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